Welcome to the website dedicated to Oyster Roasts.  Whether you are planning an oyster roast, want to learn how to recycle your oyster shells after a roast or learn about Indian Shell Rings, this site has all of this information available for you. Oyster Roasts also provides the information on how to host your own oyster roast.

Charleston, SC and the surrounding Lowcountry is the oyster roast capital of the U.S. South Carolina is famous for delicious, salty oysters and fun filled oyster roasts.  When the temperatures start to fall there is no better way to spend time socializing with family and friends, than enjoying a steaming hot batch of oysters. Oyster Roasts are great for your guests to be able to interact with one another in a relaxing, casual setting.

Coastal Caterers Oyster Roasts Charleston SC

Everyone loves an Oyster Roast!


There is nothing like an oyster roast with a Lowcountry Shrimp Boil in Charleston on a cool Lowcountry evening.  Early October through April is oyster season in South Carolina.

Visit our page dedicated to prehistoric Native American shell rings built out of oyster shells! Some of these sites are over 4,000 years old. Native American Shell rings are very interesting sites that continue to remain shrouded in mystery.  The work done at these shell rings Native Americans, may have been where our Lowcountry tradition of roasting oysters started.

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